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Müşteri Hizmetleri

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Cunda Marin Müşteri Hizmetleri

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Cunda Marin Müşteri Hizmetleri
Genellikle 9:00 - 16:30 saatleri arası
Genellikle 9:00 - 19:00 saatleri arası

Üretim Tesisi

150 Evler Mahallesi, 29 Mayıs Caddesi, 46B-10 Altaylar San. Sitesi Ayvalık - Balıkesir

Satış Noktası

150 Evler Mahallesi, 29 Mayıs Caddesi, No: 50 Altaylar San. Sitesi Ayvalık - Balıkesir

  • How do we order?
    You can view the images, comments and details of all our products on our @cundamarin Instagram page, then review the products in the -All Products- section of our website and pay with all your bank - credit cards using the secure payment system Iyzico.
  • Is shipping chargeable?
    Our shipping service is free of charge over 1000 TL, and 80 TL under 1000 TL, regardless of address and volume.
  • Are the products ready for consumption?
    Some of our products are ready for consumption, while others are ready to be processed. For example, our Grilled Octopus product is boiled but not ready for consumption. It is waiting for its final operation.
  • Does the cargo arrive long distance?
    We provide safe delivery to 81 provinces and countless counties of our country.
  • Is there an option to pay at the door?
    Since our products are food products, we have not activated our option to pay at the door, in order to protect the health of the products and to avoid possible mishaps.
  • I experienced a delay in shipping, what should I do?
    Before we started our cargo service, we were aware that the only obstacle in front of us was the transportation barrier, and we took a position accordingly. With our food engineer, we conducted our tests on how many days and how many degrees all our products lose their properties at room temperature. Most of our products are presented in sunflower oil, in plastic cans approved by the Ministry of Health, and sealed with a vacuum system. Our parcels that we use while shipping are food parcels, and provide heat protection as well as not getting air from the outside. In addition, we provide shipping with sufficient ice battery support. In case of problems such as loss in cargo, our company directly intervenes and does whatever needs to be done. We follow the cargo instantly, and we ask our customers to follow up on this issue.
  • Do you use preservatives / additives in your products?
    We do not use any additives or preservatives in any of our products, with the exception of Shrimp Brine (1000gr, 200gr) and Anchovy marinades. We preserve our products in sunflower oil, which is a natural preservative, and protect our products with salting and smoking method, which is a natural preservative given to us by nature. We do not use any thickener or food coloring.
  • Are your products domestic or imported?
    In order to provide you with the best service, we act from product to product in this regard. For example, we only use Aegean Sea squid, octopus and sardine from local fishermen, as import substitution of products such as imported octopus, squid, sardine is far from taste and quality. As for mackerel and salmon, we import products from Norway since the Norwegian seas are ahead in this regard. For example, in our mussel products, since the mussels in our country's seas are not healthy and clean, we import our mussel raw materials from the cleanest and safest seas.
  • Do you have sales in your facility?
    We have a sales point across from our production site. We are open every day from 9:00 to 16:30 except Sunday. Our sale is available.
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