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  For a successful Mussel Pan experience! We sort our large size mussels one by one to free them from algae. We sauce it with our unique and -not available anywhere- sauce and deposit it in our breadcrumbs to make it ready for the pan. It is approximately 1-2 portion.

Ready to Pan Mussels Breaded

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  •  Not suitable for direct consumption. It is sauced. You can throw  directly into the hot sunflower structure-  without defrosting it. It will be ready for consumption in about 1-2 minutes. It needs to be heat treated.

     After the product reaches you, it can stay in the freezer or deep freezer (-18 degrees) for up to 6 months without opening the vacuum. After the vacuum is turned on, we recommend that you consume the part that you have brought to room temperature and thawed that day and not put it in the freezer again. If you wish, you can throw the leftover part back into the freezer in freezer bags.

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