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1972, Ayvalik. At the very front of our boat, our founder Fevzi Rabbit


Our grandfather, Ali Baba, for whom our Cretan style product is named after, and who contributed to many of our other products and to whom we owe everything, never skipped this product in his breakfast. He left us in 2011.

Fish and pastrami dried in sunlight to present to our guests in our restaurant, 2010


      Our history begins in Crete's coastal city of Rethymno and stretches to Cunda in 1924. ..

      This is the story of my grandfather Hüsnü, who immigrated from Crete to Cunda in 1924. My grandfather, who continued his fishing and cooking in Crete's coastal city Rethymno in Cunda due to the exchange, started a new adventure here with my father. Our 3 generations only knew about fishing and came to life with the sea. By listening to our past, I hope that this very valuable profession, which is my grandfather's heirloom, with the brand of Cunda Marin; By raising many generations and continuing to keep this culture alive, it offers them a fruitful life.

      Seafood import and export in our hometown Cunda Island, with 6 years of award-winning fresh fish sales With our experience in operating a fish restaurant, we meticulously present all seafood to your tables in hygienic and natural conditions, without the use of additives, ready for consumption and with 1 process left for consumption. Our products, which we produce and present in our boutique facility, using traditional methods away from fabrication systems, can even crown the tables set away from Cunda. You won't be able to get enough of the delicious flavors of our seafood, which we prepared with a natural preservative and flavor-providing filtered smoking method, which is nature's gift to us...

Our grandfather, our father Ali Baba. 2007


The front of our restaurant, Cunda Fish House

Cunda Marin and her story...

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