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 The sleepiness of the sea! Our eggs, which we obtained while weeding our local cuttlefish collected from our fishermen from the waters of Ayvalık, are candidates for sailing to unknown tastes.

Fish Egg

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  • It is not suitable for direct consumption. It is dull. After defrosting, you can flour it with white flour and fry it in hot sunflower oil for 2-3 minutes, or you can cook it as a cover with half margarine size butter. Preferably black pepper, paprika and garlic can be good accompaniments. It needs to be processed.

     After the product reaches you, it can stay in the freezer or deep freezer (-18 degrees) for up to 6 months without opening the vacuum. After the vacuum is turned on, we recommend that you consume the part that you have brought to room temperature and thawed that day and not put it in the freezer again. If you wish, you can throw the leftover part back into the freezer in freezer bags.

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