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 One of the chances our Aegean Sea gives us, Mosko is an octopus species. If we talk about the differences from the octopus, it has a single suction cup and grows up to a certain height. We first spin, sort, boil, marinate and pack our Muscos, whose flavor is derived from the sea.

Baby Octopus (Mosko) Marine

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  • AREAS OF USAGE: It is suitable for cold consumption. You can use it as cold cuts, in your salad, pizza, pasta, open-finish. If you wish, you can consume it directly with Ayvalık Geographical Region banderol olive oil. It is not suitable for heat treatment, entering the oven, being thrown on the grill, or roasted in a pan.

    EXPIRED CONSUMPTION DATE: After the product reaches you, it can stay in a normal refrigerator (0-4 degrees) for approximately 4-5 months without opening the lid. After opening the cap, it is recommended to be consumed within 7 days.

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